Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults  

Our Committee is very aware of its responsibilities to protect all children and vulnerable adults using the Congregation’s services. To this end, we have formally recorded policies on:

Both policies place responsibilities not just on the Committee but on all our volunteers and staff to minimise risk to anyone using our services and to act when abuse is suspected either within and outside those services. Abuse can include physical, financial, material, sexual, psychological, and emotional mistreatment, as well as discrimination and neglect  

We would ask that everyone who uses our services act within the guidelines of the policies, contacting a member of the Committee immediately if they have any concerns about their own, or anyone else’s, safety.  

Please be assured that if you make a complaint or allegation or even just express concern, what you say will be taken seriously and usually held in confidence. However, we may have to share what you tell us with the appropriate authorities if you or others are at significant risk. 

Copies of these policies are available by clicking on the links above.

The Committee