This year the charities the Congregation has chosen to support are:


JCORE      www.jcore.org.uk

Its aims are: 

To engage the Jewish Community in social action in the wider society, focussing on race equality and justice for refugees and asylum seekers. Its work draws on Jewish refugee experience, teaching and tradition of Jewish social activism. Since 1976, JCORE has worked both inside and outside the Jewish community to provide a Jewish voice on Race and Asylum issues.

​JCORE works in three main areas:

Cathedral Archer Project


Working locally to support homeless people in Sheffield since the 1980’s, this charity operates from Sheffield Cathedral. Now with its own premises within the Cathedral containing showers and laundry services, interview rooms for 1-1 work, a lounge area with computers, a professional kitchen, a medical room and an education/activity room the Charity works with many other agencies and provides a service of great breadth and depth.

Its aims are:

To help homeless people achieve a better life by supporting them to: develop their independence; improve their ability to tackle setbacks; improve their ability to identify and change negative behaviour; improve their wellbeing.

Services provided by the project include:


You are also invited to make a separate donation to the COMMUNITY CHEST

(Run by the Sheffield Jewish Welfare Organisation - to support Jewish charities and organisations)

To make your donations, please either -

Email to:    Judith Scholar Winfield - hhd-appeal@shef-ref.co.uk

*** See the attached form